Priyanka Gandhi targets Modi, says Uttar Pradesh needs no adopted son

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From: LiveMint By: PTI Published at: February 18, 2017
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Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh: Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi on Friday joined brother Rahul Gandhi in attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his “adopted son” remark, saying Uttar Pradesh does not need an outsider when it has its own to take it forward.

Priyanka Gandhi, who addressed an election rally for the first time during the ongoing Uttar Pradesh elections, asked people of the state to strengthen the Samajwadi aParty and Congress alliance and bring it to power.
She accused Modi of making “hollow” and “false” promises, particularly in the context of his Lok Sabha constituency Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh.
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“Prime Minister Narendra Modi had earlier said Varanasi has adopted me and I am like a son for it and will develop it... But I felt, does Uttar Pradesh need to adopt anyone from outside,” Priyanka said to a cheering crowd in Rae Bareli, the constituency of her mother and Congress president Sonia Gandhi.
“Modi ji, does Uttar Pradesh need to adopt anyone from outside? Is there no youth here? You have two such youth in Rahulji and Akhileshji before you who have Uttar Pradesh in their hearts and mind,” Priyanka told the gathering.
On Thursday, Modi had called himself the “adopted son” of Uttar Pradesh at an election rally in Hardoi adding that the future of the state cannot be ensured without ridding it of Samajwadi Party, Congress and Bahujan Samaj Party.
“No outside leader is required. Every single youth of the state can become a leader... Every single youth here will work for Uttar Pradesh and make the state progress by leaps and bounds. This is the wish of Rahulji and Akhileshji,” said Priyanka Gandhi.
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Rahul Gandhi also hit out at Modi on Friday, saying relationships don’t develop merely by talking but by nurturing. “Modiji, rishta bolne se nahin, nibhane se bante hain (relationships are not developed merely by talking, but by nurturing them),” he said. “Modiji, you have not even fulfilled the promises you made to your mother.” He said Modi has been going about making promises wherever he goes.
Priyanka Gandhi, on her part, further said that people of Uttar Pradesh must recognise “one who speaks a lie and makes hollow promises, and the one who wants to work for you”. “Strengthen this (SP-Congress) alliance so much that going forward this state is strengthened and takes it forward along with its people.”
She also invoked her father Rajiv Gandhi in attacking Modi and said one should ask the people of Amethi what a prime minister does for his constituency. “You should ask the people of Amethi what the prime minister (Rajiv Gandhi) did for them,” she said, alleging that Modi has done nothing for Varanasi which he represents.
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Rahul Gandhi also attacked Modi’s demonetisation decision, calling it a sudden brain wave of the prime minister that turned the hard-earned notes of the people into plain paper overnight and forced people to go and stand in queues in front of banks.
Targeting Modi’s approach towards doing things, he said the prime minister says “India is dirty. You clean up. I have to go to America and meet Obama. I’ll check when I’m back”.
Priyanka continued her brother’s attack on Modi’s demonetisation move. “With a clap, the prime minister made you throw away your entire savings like waste paper and made you all stand in queues of banks. Was it not an atrocity? Why did you all this?”
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