2 days ago: In a state where religious conversion has always been a highly sensitive and contentious issue and anti-conversion laws have been introduced by the government; people of all religions attended the ceremonial reburial of Father Bulcke’s remains to mark his final resting place in his karmbhoomi, Jharkhand, 35 years after his death.
2 days ago: The defeat in Gorakhpur is the least surprising. Who can forget the tragedy of all those children dying in the Gorakhpur hospital just a few months ago? Yogi Adityanath visited the hospital at the moment of high tragedy and failed to notice anything amiss
2 days ago: Amal, a close associate of mine, came to see me in my new room, ‘Achin Dera’. As his eyes fell on posters of M F Hussain’s oil paintings and a Faiz Ahmed Faiz painting with its poetic interpretation titled ‘Evening’, he shouted: “Are you building a museum out here with all these? So this is the reason why you don’t go out!”
2 days ago: Incidentally, Akhilesh’s denial of a Rajya Sabha seat to Agrawal is also a setback for Ram Gopal Yadav, considered Akhilesh’s chanakya in his battle with his father Mulayam Singh Yadav
2 days ago: Rural India is in acute distress and urban India is divided among the helpless poor and middle class and the palanquin-bearing sections that will go along with any regime
2 days ago: Prosperous countries tend to have high shares of human capital wealth, a new World Bank report shows