2 days ago: Six months is too short a period to evaluate any mega reform, but it is a good time to take stock of what has been achieved and what can be done to make it better
2 days ago: E-way bills is expected to act as a deterrent to tax evasion and create a trail of movement, but the fallout of its implementation is a cause for concern
2 days ago: The budget to be presented on 1 February may be the last full budget of the Narendra Modi government unless it uses the opportunity to revive the economy
2 days ago: Throwing money at the housing crisis is not enough, and it comes with risks
2 days ago: Maybe Facebook should get out of the news business entirely, considering the network effect it has on human psychology
2 days ago: The next 200 days should focus on restoring the reverse charge mechanism, putting in place a modified composition plan along with input tax credit and restarting the e-way bill